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CompetencyIQ® Management System informs and supports critical decisions such as hiring, retention, employee development, moves, deployments, and succession.

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The use of behavioral interviewing and testing where appropriate, to screen job candidates based on whether they possess the key necessary job competency profile.

Effective Goal-Setting

Provides regular measurement of targeted behaviors and performance outcomes linked to job competency profile critical factors.

Assess Candidates
Readiness for Role

Real time visibility into the competencies of your employees and contractors to ensure they are qualifed and capable to execute work activities.

Most Effective
Use of Training

Development of individual learning plans for individuals or groups of employees based on the measurable "gaps" between job competencies or competency levels required for their jobs and the CompetencyIQ processed by the incumbent.


Microsoft Azure
Global. Trusted. Hybrid

CompetencyIQ® is powered by Microsoft Azure and implemented by our consultancy partners, Boxley Group.

Microsoft strives to earn your trust in Microsoft Azure. Their long experience running online services has involved extensive investment in foundational technology that builds security and privacy into the development process. Over time, Microsoft have developed industry-leading security measures and privacy policies, and participated in international compliance programs with independent verification of how they measure up. This is the reason why CompetencyIQ® trusted Microsoft to host our application and your data.

Global Datacenter Regions
Fortune 500 companies who use the Microsoft Cloud
Supported Countries
SLA Uptime

of CompetencyIQ

Competency IQ® is a breakthrough competency management solution. CompetencyIQ® provides a window into your organizations capabilities, giving you unmatched intelligence and insight into the competencies of individuals, teams, and your organization as a whole.

With the CompetencyIQ® intuitive design and leading-edge architecture, created by former Google software engineers, competency information and analysis are at your fingertips in the office and on your mobile devices - organizational intelligence is two-clicks away.

Employee Assessments



International Offices


A highly skilled professional service with a human touch.

Value Chain

You can model your organization by business function or use your business value chain as framework for competencies.


Use of standardized measures to objectively gauge competencies across the business. Standard measures are not subject to varying interpretation.


Dynamic dashboards provide an intuitive picture of organization capability. Analytics show competencies from one individual to an entire function.


Employees, contractors, and supervisors are provided with status of expiry dates for technical certifications and professional licenses.

24/7 Support
CIQ Specialists

24/7 support from a real person is included with your paid subscription to CompetencyIQ®.


Development of stepping stones necessary for promotion, long-term career growth and bridging competency gaps.


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These guys are amazing! They were so quick to respond and let me tell you, they are all knowing!
I highly recommend their software! They are all about making their clients happy!

Jack Westbrook

Drilling Engineer

I have used various systems and this one is undoubtedly the best
I ever tried. Easy to use, two-click inferface. You guys, you did a great job here!

Lindsay Swanson

VP of Organizational Development

CompetencyIQ is one of the best applications out there. It is well documented and
well coded but the best of all is the friendly and simple user interface.

Jared Jackson

HR Manager


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has the capabilities to provide clarity to ambiguous
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